‘I do not feel like drinking. I am sleeping better and am very happy.’


‘The meditation has helped me overcome cravings and react differently to stress.’


'Game changer and a life changer’


‘I am more relaxed and haven't had a drink for over three weeks and not missing it.’




‘I have tried and failed on many occasions to stop drinking. I finally feel I have cracked it by taking this course.’


‘After many years of drinking, I seem to connect with these sessions and now three weeks without a drink.’


‘I would recommend this to all who have suffered years of misery and wanted to quit but couldn’t.'




‘No one is more surprised than me to find that I haven't had / needed / wanted a glass of wine since day one of the program.’


‘I wasn’t sure whether I was just taking a break from alcohol or completely quitting. It’s starting to feel like quitting now.’


‘This eased my cravings dramatically.’






My name is Rory Kinsella. I want to help you change your relationship with alcohol.

I’m a journalist, musician and a meditation teacher. Born in the UK, I now live in Sydney, Australia, where I have taught Vedic Meditation since 2016. 

I was always an enthusiastic drinker. I was high functioning, but paid a heavy price for my drinking. My goal was to navigate my early midlife crisis when I realised the music and partying days weren't sustainable into my 40s and 50s. Meditation was the tool that helped me cope with my over-thinking mind, which in the past I tamed with alcohol. I wasn’t overtly looking to quit drinking – it happened naturally as a byproduct of the meditation.

My courses have helped many hundreds of people to address their unhealthy relationships with alcohol. The results have been incredible and humbling.