How to significantly reduce your drinking in 30 days without
quitting completely 


– YOU CAN drink less alcohol without feeling like you don’t have a way to relax.


YOU CAN make a significant change while still leaving room for occasional drinking.


 YOU CAN run this as an experiment without making any long term commitments about what you want to do with your drinking.


– YOU DON'T have to white knuckle it for a month like with Dry January or Dry July and then go back to drinking more than before.  



  • You’re an over-thinker who uses alcohol to quieten your over-active mind.
  • The occasional drink has become more regular and now you drink more than you’d like.

  • You want to cut out midweek and excessive drinking but are not yet ready to say goodbye to all social drinking. 


If you’re nodding along to the above and feel the pull towards a healthier lifestyle with better sleep, more energy and fewer empty alcohol calories, this is the program for you.

100 days to sober freedom



I’m a meditation teacher and sober coach with seven years’ experience helping people manage their stress and find healthier coping mechanisms. 


I also have 20 years’ experience working in fast-paced corporate environments in the media in both London and Sydney and know what it’s like to hold down a stressful job while drinking heavily.


I also know what it’s like to work in the same environments when I was successfully moderating my drinking and after I quit alcohol.


In my last corporate job, I was Head of Product, managing the strategy, design and development of major news websites for an Australian media company. I had to be able to work deftly among senior leaders, spiky editorial staff and logic-centric engineers.  


With the double-clarity that came from meditating and drinking less, I was able to better navigate this nuanced environment, getting better results and not letting things take a personal toll when they didn’t go to plan.


As someone who used to drink to let off steam and un-stress at the end of the week, I also saw that alcohol was actually adding to my stress, not relieving it. This view is now widely supported by scientific research…

100 days to sober freedom

Saying cheers to five years of sober freedom with a delicious glass of... water! 




“A consistent effect of alcohol is that, even low to modest consumption disrupts the hypothalamic-adrenal axis and predisposes to more stress (lower stress threshold). No judgement on drinking here… but it makes people less resilient overall.”

Andrew Huberman, Ph.D, Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford Medicine. 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein


Wise Monkey Way is the world’s only meditation-centred sober program. Meditate & Moderate: 30 Day Experiment for Over-thinkers is our most accessible program. It will give you a new way to relax and the motivation and toolkit to reduce your drinking by 75% or more.



‘I do not feel like drinking. I am sleeping better and am very happy.’


‘The meditation has helped me overcome cravings and react differently to stress.’


'Game changer and a life changer’


‘I am more relaxed and haven't had a drink for over three weeks and not missing it.’


‘I have tried and failed on many occasions to stop drinking. I finally feel I have cracked it by taking this course.’


‘After many years of drinking, I seem to connect with these sessions and now three weeks without a drink.’


‘I would recommend this to all who have suffered years of misery and wanted to quit but couldn’t.'


‘No one is more surprised than me to find that I haven't had / needed / wanted a glass of wine since day one of the program.’


‘I wasn’t sure whether I was just taking a break from alcohol or completely quitting. It’s starting to feel like quitting now.’


‘This eased my cravings dramatically.’








This brand-new program has been designed to help overthinkers rely less on drinking as a coping mechanism for their busy lives.
It’s for people who are open to the idea that meditating will put them in much better position to make better decisions about when and why they drink.

It’s for people who want to cut out crappy, midweek or alone drinking but still give themselves permission for that special occasion, birthday, wedding or weekend away.
It’s a low-touch, high-value program for people who want more clarity and control over their drinking and know that good intentions and hoping for the best won’t cut it.



  • Create a stress-busting routine so you can stop relying on alcohol, in an efficient way that won’t eat into your busy schedule 


  • Become more mindful about your drinking and cut down your intake for a month without making a big song and dance over it


  • Save money, lose weight and improve your work performance


You’ll get:

  • Wise Monkey Effortless Meditation for Professional Overthinkers
    • Find your place of calm, clarity and resolve in just 15 minutes wherever you are. This no-fluff, practical system works anywhere and is so powerful you will look forward to the edge it gives you. As one CEO participant says: “Meditation is the solution.
  • Overcome You Drinking Triggers
    • In this video masterclass you will learn how to identify and overcome your drinking triggers.
  • Get Past Limiting Beliefs
    • This video lesson will cover common limiting beliefs and how to reframe them in your mind so you will no longer be controlled by them.

  • Plus: Sleep meditation, how to talk about not drinking, learn your habit building personality, meditation deep dive, creating healthy rewards.



On top of the core offering, you will also get the following, including access to optional live sessions. 

  • Maintain Your Gains – Two Months Stay on Track Membership
    • As we say in the program, goals are good, systems are better! Rather than going back to your old ways after the course, we give access to two months of revisiting the daily emails, lessons and live sessions. 
  • Peer Support
    • Graduate from relying on the false friend of alcohol and benefit from the collective wisdom of people with decades of drinking and life experience who know what you’re going through. Access a private chat group and weekly live Zoom coaching calls.

  • Go Deeper with Live Meditations
    • Meditating live – even online – with an experienced teacher leads to deeper, more satisfying meditations which will give you the motivation to stay consistent. Join when it’s convenient for you – 3-6 opportunities a week, depending on your timezone.

  • Connect & Meditate Group Coaching 
    • We meet on Zoom for 60 minutes on a Sunday to debrief from the week just gone and prepare for the week ahead. Get targeted coaching from Rory, hear inspiring stories and enjoy a group meditation.
  • Why I’m Not Drinking Tonight Cheatsheet
    • You don’t always have to tell your life story just to avoid drinking. Use this cheatsheet to find the perfect excuse for not drinking in any business or personal situation – and what you need to know to deliver these with a level of confidence that won’t open things up to discussion.




This is our lowest-touch program, designed to give you greater clarity and control with minimal demands on your time.

Below are the main components. All live sessions are optional and recorded if you can't make them. Dates and times can be found when you click through to the country-specific pages below. There are options that work for all time zones.


  • Meditation: 1 x 15 minutes a day, pre-recorded – do them when it suits you


  • Weekly Connect & Meditate: 1 x 60 minutes, Sundays, recorded in case you can’t make it. Group coaching, connection and meditation will set your week up in the best way


  • Live Meditation: Join when you can and go deeper. 3-6 opportunities a week, depending on your time zone, 30 mins each


  • Video Lessons: These mini masterclass videos are mostly under ten minutes, with practical, actionable steps


CLARITY & CONTROL – see what the double-whammy of meditating and not drinking will do for you.

This is for you if...

  • You’re sick of waking up with a hangover and are ready to make a change
  • You're not yet ready to quit alcohol completely but want a proven system to drink less
  • You have an open mind and are prepared to try new things
  • You are willing to invest in yourself now to benefit your future
  • You believe in the benefits of meditation, even if you may not have experienced them for yourself yet

This is NOT for you if...

  • You’re looking for a quick fix without putting in any effort yourself
  • You're not prepared to have setbacks – and to learn from them
  • You're looking for a quick and cheap solution
  • You’re in active treatment for alcohol use disorder, unless agreed in consultation with a doctor  


Quit alcohol meditation online
Quit alcohol meditation online app



At the height of my drinking, I was spending over US$15,000 a year on drinking and related activities. How much are you spending? If you’re like many of our participants, you’ll be spending more money on alcohol in a month than the price of this course.


We’re so confident in the program that if you complete all the components and aren’t drinking 75% less in a month, we will refund you AND give you a free coaching session worth $250.


Access to course material doesn't expire and you can go through it as many times as you like.


Pick your country below for more details, session times, pricing and booking.

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We’re so confident in this program that we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee at any point in the first 30 days. And we’ll give 50% back between 30 days and 100 days.


We won’t ask any awkward questions – with the two-click refund guarantee, all you have to do is click here and press send (or contact us here).


One of course assistants will process the refund as soon as we get it and wish you all the best! No hard feelings.



Take a positive step today and invest in your future. With our Two-Click Refund Guarantee, this is a risk-free decision. 


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