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30 Day Pause from Alcohol

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➕ Effortless Meditation for Professional Overthinkers – value £90

Overcome Your Drinking Triggers – value £75 

Daily Motivational Emails – value £60

Mindset Barrier Removal – value £75 

Bite-Sized Daily Lessons – value £75


International Meditation Group Membership – value £90

Go Deeper with Live Meditations – value £75

2 for 1 Accountability – £157

Bonus 30-minute one-on-one session with Rory – value £125 

Total value: £822 

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What People Are Saying

I’ve got my life back. I’m more present, less anxious, much calmer and I see things more clearly. I am no longer hostage to my habit.

Karen, UK

It’s difficult to convey just how significant and positive a change this course has helped facilitate in my life.

Joel, Sydney

My 4 o’clock meditation has become like my 5 o’clock scotch was. And it never just stopped at the scotch.

Mollie, Washington State

My productivity has skyrocketed. I felt like I worked this much before when I was drinking, but I’ve accomplished so much more recently, it’s crazy. And I’ve been making so much more money!

Lindsey, Los Angeles