Have you hit the wine glass ceiling? 

Break free from the career limitations of alcohol and realise your full potential.

My name is Rory Kinsella and as a high-functioning drinker in my mid-30s, I rarely considered the impact alcohol was having on my career.

But ten years later, I can now see what a huge difference it made to my career – and pay packet – when I cut back on my drinking.

Watch the five minute video below to hear my story of how one simple change led to drinking significantly less and being promoted.

Rory Kinsella talks about how changing his drinking habits unlocked a new level in his career – and how you can too

I was promoted twice in the two years after I significantly cut down drinking


I never thought of myself as a stressed person until I learned to meditate and realised that just because I wasn't outwardly stressed, I was still wasting a huge amount of mental capacity worrying and drinking my worries away.

With greater clarity and less stress, I found it much easier to stick to my good intentions around drinking and to take the bold initiative that was needed to move up in my career.

After significantly reducing my drinking when I started meditating in 2014, I pulled off an audacious career change that I never could have managed as a regular drinker. 

Two years later, I got promoted again to be a head of department on a 60% higher salary than before.

I now run this business teaching people to meditate, reduce their stress and drink less, which gives me more meaning than I could have dreamed of back in my corporate career. 

My surprising ticket out of the world of alcohol


Meditation was my ticket away from alcohol – and it surprised me as much as anyone. I’d always thought meditation would make me a slacker, but the opposite was true.
Not seeing everything as a crisis where I might have to take the blame freed up mental capacity for problem solving. 
Work problems that would have kept me up at night or made me drown my sorrows became simply to-do list items for the next day.
I took things less personally, was able to see where I could add the most value and generally got better results with less effort and had more consistent, less drama-filled relations with my colleagues.

Results like these can be yours, no matter if you have struggled to control alcohol in the past

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried and failed to control alcohol before. It’s not your fault – the approach you took wasn't right for you.

But there’s a way to get different results – if you’re prepared to try a different way to before.

Rachel: "Rory’s 15-minute sessions gave me a way to unwind without a glass of wine"


  • 60% of people drink to cope with stress, but studies show that drinking actually increases stress by spiking hormones like cortisol in the days after drinking, even when you drink in moderation

  • Chronic alcohol use can lead to long-term cognitive impairments, which may permanently affect people's ability to work effectively. Conditions such as alcohol-related neurodegeneration can result from prolonged alcohol use, impacting executive functions, problem-solving skills and emotional regulation.

  • Higher earners report being 39% less effective when they have gone to work hungover or under the influence.

A new movement of people are realising that you don't have to wait for a rock bottom moment that may never come to change your relationship with alcohol.

You can choose to make a lifestyle change to minimise alcohol today without shame or admitting you have a problem.

When you frame it as a lifestyle change, you’re not committing to anything longterm and not writing any cheques your future self may not want to honour. 

By viewing it as a lifestyle change or a strategic pause, you can experience the benefits of minimising alcohol and see what you are really capable of without alcohol holding you back. 


30 Day Stress Less Challenge for
High-Functioning Professionals

Stress Less 30 Day alcohol free meditation challenge

The 30 Day Stress Less Challenge helps high-functioning professionals achieve consistent alcohol-free weeks through a powerful combination of no-nonsense meditation, transformative mindset shifts and personalised motivation strategies.

It’s a private online program designed to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to control alcohol and reach the next level in your career.

Consistent alcohol-free weeks allow you to gain momentum instead of continually hitting the reset button.  

After 30 days, you’ll have a much clearer idea about what you want to do about drinking – and you'll have lifelong tools to make drinking less of an issue in your life.

Stress Less 30 Day alcohol free meditation challenge

Is this you?

  • You feel frustrated because you try to moderate and end up drinking too much. As a result, you feel guilty about not being able to think clearly or perform at your best.

  • You feel guilty about not performing at your best because you want to achieve that overdue promotion or consistent growth in your own business. As a result, you feel like you are constantly self-sabotaging.

  • You feel like you are self-sabotaging because every time you put a decent number of alcohol-free days together, something comes along and makes you feel the need to reward yourself with a drink. As a result, you get annoyed at yourself.

  • You get annoyed at yourself because other people can control their drinking and you can’t. As a result, you keep it to yourself so as not to admit to having a problem.

  • You keep it to yourself because you don’t want to publicly risk failing, which would in some way confirm you really do have a problem. As a result, you feel you can’t speak to anyone or seek help.

    Reaching out for guidance from those who have walked the same path before you isn’t an admission of a problem or failing. It’s a proven success strategy for making positive changes before things become a problem.
Stealth mode! Enjoying an alcohol-free red wine (AF beers are actually much nicer)

What is the 30 Day Stress Less Challenge?

It is a meditation-centric approach to changing your relationship with alcohol that allows you to maintain a state of calm from where you can make conscious decisions about drinking.

It’s a system for transforming your mindset so you won’t just remove the need to drink, but you’ll also remove the desire.

And it’s a motivational approach to keep you going through the ups and downs of any significant habit change.

This science-backed, holistic approach gets to the root of why you drink rather than just pruning the behavioural leaves.

It's time to take a break from...

  • Stress (even if you don't feel particularly stressed)
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Brain fog
  • Alcohol-induced cortisol spikes
  • People pleaser tendencies 
  • Self-negotiation about drinking
  • Hangovers
  • Empty calories
  • Money poured down the drain
  • Unproductiveness
  • Lack of focus
  • The hamster wheel of failed moderation and regret
  • Loss of integrity from breaking promises to yourself


Never say "forever"

I advise the people I work with not to use or even think about the word "forever" when it comes to their drinking. 

At more than six years without having a drink, I still don't say I'll never drink ever again. Why? Because thinking about forever brings too much pressure, too many future events to worry about.

If you think of it as a break from alcohol, even an indefinite break, you're taking the pressure of the future off. And you're not setting yourself up for failure.


What if I don't make it to 30 days without a drink?

Setbacks where we drink when we didn't intend to are part of most alcohol-free journeys, which is why they don't disqualify you from continuing. We recommend following an approach of getting right back on the horse and not having two off-days in a row. 

Life gets it the way and throws us off course. Our job is to get back on course straight away with the learnings and not make a habit of staying off course. 



Jenna: "Rory's soothing voice made it very easy to follow along"

 Here's what you get when you sign up TODAY


Effortless Meditation for Professional Overthinkers (Value £90)

So you can disconnect at the end of a busy day, relax without drinking and get a good night’s sleep so you’re rested and clear headed to be productive in the morning. Follow this step-by-step, no nonsense, no guesswork approach to feeling calm and in control in just 15 minutes.

Overcome Your Drinking Triggers (Value £75) 

So you can easily identify common and not-so-common drinking triggers and avoid the frustration of falling back on outdated coping mechanisms without experiencing deprivation or FOMO when Friday night rolls around.

Daily Motivational Emails (Value £60)

So you can build momentum and easily stay on track.

Mindset Barrier Removal (Value £75) 

So you can silence the voice in your head that gives you bad advice that you’ll regret following at the shop or social event.

Bite-Sized Daily Lessons (Value £75)

So you can learn on the go and integrate the learnings into your day to day life.



International Meditation Group Membership
 (Value £90)

Access to an online group so you can feel connected and understood without broaching this delicate subject with people you know. Get conscious, non-judgemental support and hear what is working for likeminded people from all over the world.

Lurkers welcome! Join with your camera off and change your display name to maintain privacy. Our Sunday meetings are the best way to beat the Sunday scaries and inspire yourself for the week ahead.

Go Deeper with Live Meditations (Value £75)

Access so you can sit back and relax while Rory guides you in and out of a meditation. People often find they go deeper in live online meditations as they are able to let go in the presence of their teacher.

2 for 1 Accountability (Value £157)

You can share the program (or share the cost) with another person if you would like to get the added benefits of an accountability buddy. Once you book, you will be given a link to share with another person to give them access.

Bonus 30-minute one-on-one session with Rory (Value £125)

Benchmark your progress, consolidate your learnings and refine your process – available to those who complete the program.


Total value: £822 


All yours today for only £822 £157

Start today and save £665

(Instalment option available)


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Financial Support

If you would like to take the course but truly cannot afford it, please 
get in touch to discuss your situation. We're a business, but we don't think money should be a reason not to change your relationship with alcohol.


(Full names withheld to maintain privacy)
Light: "I'm not a big drinker, but this really helped with my phone addiction"

"I was sceptical when I came across Wise Monkey Way"

Over the years, I’ve done some research and meditation was noted on quite a few of the things that I was following.

I tried minimalist drinking which started out well and then was a slippery slope to my normal drinking intake.

I tried AA which was definitely not for me. I was a little sceptical when I came across Wise Monkey Way.

This was quite a big outlay, but I was very interested in the meditation side of it, so I gave it to go and actually it has been the saviour of me. I’ve got my life back, I’m more present, less anxious, much calmer and I see things more clearly. I meditate and it helps.

I don’t know how it works, but it works for me. It quietens my mind and the cravings. I am no longer hostage to my habit.

Karen, Director, UK

"A pivotal moment"

There was a pivotal moment at 70 or 80 days alcohol free. I had an event with some of my closest friends who get together once every three months for a lunch that’s centred on food and wine. 

The last event was just before the hundred days and when it came around again, I spent two weeks negotiating with myself about whether I would drink – maybe I'll just have one or two glasses, maybe I'll do this or that. I wasted so much mental energy on it for two weeks.

And then eventually I got the strength about a week before and had a one on one with Rory and he helped me on how to get through it. Then when I went to the lunch, I didn't even want a glass of wine. I didn't even notice the wine being poured!

It was a huge pivotal moment. I just went straight through and was like – I can do this now.

Steve, VP Sales, Melbourne 

"I took half the month off and had my best revenue month ever"

I’ve got more mental clarity, better thinking – everything's going better. 

This has been my biggest revenue month in the history of my agency, which is crazy.

I attribute it to this. I don't know if there were other things but I literally took half the month off – so something is going on! 

I've always worked hard – maybe I'm working more efficiently or it's better quality work.

Less anxiety has really helped and allowed me to take more risks than I usually do. Jumping out there with imperfect action – that's what I call it.

I didn't think I could go a hundred days without drinking, – it was definitely empowering to know that I could.

Lindsey, Marketing Agency Owner, Los Angeles

Cathy: "Like everyone else, I love to come home and have a glass of wine – but this really helped"
George: "This makes meditation easy and simple"


Meditation to stop drinking
Saying cheers to five years alcohol free with a delicious glass of... water!

I’m Rory Kinsella, the creator of Wise Monkey Way and the 30 Day Stress Less Challenge


I’m a meditation teacher and sober coach with seven years’ experience helping people manage their stress and find healthier coping mechanisms. 


I also have 20 years’ experience working in fast-paced corporate environments in the media in both London and Sydney and know what it’s like to hold down a stressful job while drinking heavily.


I also know what it’s like to work in the same environments having quit alcohol. 


In my last corporate job, I was Head of Product, managing the strategy, design and development of major news websites for an Australian media company. I had to be able to work deftly among senior leaders, spiky editorial staff, temperamental designers and logic-centric engineers.


With the double-clarity that came from meditating and not drinking I was able to better navigate this nuanced environment, getting better results and not letting things take a personal toll when they didn’t go to plan. 


As someone who used to drink to let off steam and un-stress at the end of the week, I also saw that alcohol was actually adding to my stress, not relieving it. This view is now widely supported by scientific research.

I spent over £10,000 a year on drinking


At the height of my drinking, I was spending over £10,000 a year on drinking and related activities.


I dread to think what I've spent on taxis alone :(


How much are you spending? If you’re like many of our participants, you’ll be spending more money on alcohol in a month than the price of this course.


We’re so confident in the program that if you complete all the components and aren’t drinking 75% less in a month, we will refund you AND give you a free coaching session worth £125.


Access to course material doesn't expire and you can go through it as many times as you like.

Meditation to stop drinking – Chile meditation
Fake meditating for Instagram in Chile in 2019 – don't worry, we meditate comfortably in chairs

 Guilt-tripping yourself won’t make you more likely to succeed


Whatever you have tried before, the approaches that didn’t work – it’s not your fault.


Most programs target your behaviour, using blunt willpower, or tinker with your thinking – which might work one day but not the next. Is it any wonder you failed?


If those programs didn’t work for you, they weren’t right for you.


Psychological approaches can help, but if you’re an overthinker, it becomes an endless cycle of trying to think your way out of a problem of overthinking.


This meditation-based program picks the best psychological approaches while also targeting the root cause of overthinking. It first removes stress from your nervous system and changes your conscious state.


So if a new psychological approach helps you run updated mental software, meditation upgrades your nervous system hardware. When we combine them, we have a fully optimised mental machine.


I wasn’t even sure I had “a problem” but I’m so glad I acted when I did


Holding down jobs and relationships meant I didn’t have clear and overriding “need” to stop drinking – but I now realise how much I was leaving on the table by continuing to self-sabotage every time I drank.


And I realised how much time alcohol was taking up – not just the time spent drinking in the evenings when I could have been working or genuinely relaxing, but the time lost through not being 100% in the mornings.


I’ve become so much more time- and cash-rich since stopping drinking


I couldn’t believe how many hours a week alcohol took up and how costs added up when I took into account taxis and all the money I would waste on other things when drunk.


Wise Monkey Way is the world’s only meditation-centric sober program. It will raise your conscious state so you see drinking in its true light. Liberate yourself from alcohol for good and then see where meditation will take you next.


No gimmicks, no quick-fixes that break at the first sign of trouble. This approach will give you the best tools and techniques and add an extra layer of individual coaching and accountability to help you stick to your meditation and drinking goals.


What is Wise Monkey Way?

Wise Monkey Way is an international meditation community committed to using meditation as a tool for personal development.

We've helped thousands of people change their relationship with alcohol since 2018.

Our mission is to inspire people to drink less and achieve more.

We run online programs, teach meditation in person in Sydney, Australia and host retreats around the world.

This is for you if...

  • You’re sick of waking up with a sore head and are ready to make a change
  • You're not sure yet if you want to quit alcohol completely but want a proven system to drink less
  • You have an open mind and are prepared to try new things
  • You are willing to invest in yourself now for the future
  • You believe in the benefits of meditation, even if you may not have experienced them for yourself yet

This is NOT for you if...

  • You’re looking for a quick fix without putting in any effort yourself
  • You're not prepared to have setbacks – and to learn from them
  • Your life has fallen apart because of alcohol – ie, you’re not high-functioning
  • You’re in active treatment for alcohol use disorder, unless agreed in consultation with a doctor



Quit alcohol meditation online
Quit alcohol meditation online app

Drinking to manage stress is like getting another credit card to manage your debt

Yes, it’s a strategy. And yes, it works… In the short-term at least. But is it a good strategy?


Is it a wise long-term strategy? Is it something you would recommend to anyone you cared about?


According to a UK study, 60% of people drink to cope with stress.


But in my experience, many more people drink for stress without even realising it's because they are stressed.


I know, because it wasn’t until I started meditating everyday that I realised how stressed I’d been.


My overthinking mind drove me to drink

I wasn’t an outwardly stressed person, but my mind worked overtime and I'd often be seething at people in my head with them never knowing about it 😤. I would reach for the bottle to unwind and calm my mind down.


According to the World Health Organisation stress has been classified as the health epidemic of the 21st century.


Switching out alcohol for meditation is one of the most effective ways to manage stress in a more sustainable way.


Click the link below to begin.


Got a question?

Do you have a question? Get in touch through our contact page – we'd love to hear from you.




I'm so confident in this program that I offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee at any point during the 30 days.


You won't be asked any awkward questions – with the two-click refund guarantee, all your have to do is click here and press send (or use the contact form and say “refund me”).


One of the course assistants will process the refund and wish you all the best! No hard feelings.


Which of these sounds riskier to you?


You want more control over your drinking but you also don’t want to waste your time or money on a program that doesn’t work.


I know where you’re coming from – I too have been burned by online programs that promised and failed to deliver.


If you don’t try this program, you won’t have risked anything, but you won’t have gained anything either.


With our two-click refund, you will get 100% of your money back within the first 30 days without having to give a reason.


To take the course or not take it are both risk-free decisions, but only one will help you achieve your goal.


The beauty of the two-click refund is that I’m not even asking you to decide yes or no today. All I’m asking is that you make a fully-informed decision. The only way to do that is from the inside the program.


Only once you start will you be able to make a fully-informed decision about whether this is for you or not. You can’t make this decision right now for the same reason you don't buy a house without first looking around.


And if you’re not happy with the decision between now and one month into the start of the course, I won’t be happy keeping your money.


I only make this guarantee as I'm confident the program will do what it says it will. And for the very small percentage of people who disagree, I'm more than happy to give a refund and wish you well.


So which risk-free decision will be more likely to get you to where you want to be in 30 days?


If you have any questions about the course or payment process, don't hesitate to get in touch.


How much do you spend each week on alcohol?


Our students tell us it's anywhere between £60 and £400.


That's a LOT of your hard earned money, literally flushed away.


By investing in our training, you save that hard-earned money to put to better use. Also, these methods will transform many aspects of your experience. It's your personal toolkit for life.


An investment made now will give you tools and strategies for you to use for your entire life.


(For putting this off... again)


Take a positive step today and invest in your future. With our Two-Click Refund Guarantee, this is a risk-free decision. 


If you don’t try this program, you won’t have risked anything, but you won’t have gained anything either.


With our two-click refund, you will get 100% of your money back within the first 30 days without having to give a reason.

Any information on this website is not to be taken as a substitute for medical advice. If you are concerned about withdrawal symptoms or other adverse reactions to stopping drinking, please consult your doctor.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we teach – the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation – and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.