Neutralise drinking triggers with this 11-minute stress-buster

Did you know that nearly 60% of people drink to cope with stress, according to a recent study?*

Busy professionals and high achievers with demanding jobs have even more reasons to drink.

But you can say goodbye to post-work drinking that disrupts your sleep and leaves you foggy the next day when you have an effective way to manage stress.

Test this for yourself with our free 11-minute stress buster.

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*Based on 2018 research conducted by YouGov and Drinkaware on the drinking patterns of people in the UK aged between 18 and 75.


Hello! My name is Rory Kinsella and 
I want to help you change your relationship with alcohol.

I’m a meditation teacher and sober coach based in Sydney, Australia. 

I was always an enthusiastic drinker. I was high functioning, but paid a heavy price for my drinking. My goal was to navigate my early midlife crisis when I realised my music and partying days weren't sustainable into my 40s and 50s. Meditation was the tool that helped me cope with my over-thinking mind, which in the past I tamed with alcohol. I wasn’t overtly looking to quit drinking – it happened naturally as a by-product of the meditation.

Since 2018, my courses have helped thousands of people to address their unhealthy relationships with alcohol. The results have been incredible and humbling.  

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