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Meditate & Moderate

🇦🇺 $297 or 4 x $75

Best place to start

  • 30 Day Experiment for Overthinkers
  • Includes: Wise Monkey Effortless Meditation for Professional Overthinkers
  • Discover how meditation can make you less reliant on alcohol in only 30 days
  • Go Deeper with Live Meditations

  • Join calendar month cohort
  • Prefer to pay in instalments? You can do that here




100 Days to Sober Freedom

🇦🇺 $1995 or 6 x $333

Flagship Program

  • Effortless Meditation 
  • Weekly workshops and group coaching sessions for 14 weeks
  • 5 weekly group meditations to choose from
  • Pocket Mentor for People with Full Calendars
  • Expert Panel for structure & accountability
  • Awareness Amplifier Workshop Series
  • Go Deeper with Live Meditations
  • Times suitable for wherever you are in the world – click through for more details
  • Next cohort starts September 10 2023 – this program runs only twice a year, don't miss out!
  • Prefer to pay in instalments? You can do that here.

One on One Coaching

🇦🇺 $6000 or 6 x $1000

Platinum Package

  • Effortless Meditation

  • Weekly 60-minute one-on-one coaching calls for six months

  • Personalised goal setting and accountability

  • Complete discretion and privacy
  • Times to suit your calendar
  • Daily text/email support

  • Spots strictly limited

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Financial Support

If you would like to take a course but truly cannot afford it, please 
get in touch to discuss your situation. While we're a business, we don't think money should be a reason not to change your relationship with alcohol or start a meditation practice.