To quit or to moderate?

meditation meditation and drinking Jan 05, 2023
To quit or to moderate alcohol with meditation

That is the question! It’s a question that comes up a lot with people trying to decide whether they want to do the Wise Monkey Way course.

They know they want to drink less but aren’t sure they want to go as far as stopping drinking completely or forever.

My advice is: Don't let uncertainty about your long term intentions put you off making a start. It doesn't have to be all or nothing from day one.

When I first started running these courses, in the opening session I would get everyone to announce a goal – people would say anything from not drinking alone to quitting for a month to never drinking again.

But I later learned that it’s more effective to get people committing to a meditation practice first before thinking about their longterm plans around drinking.

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Once you’re no longer relying on alcohol as your primary relaxation tool – whether it’s to un-stress from work or to relax in social situations – then it becomes easier to choose whether you want to drink or not.

In other words, we work on our relaxation and wellness system first before setting goals around drinking – goals are good, but systems are better.

A goal of not drinking in January is good, but what good is it if you go back to how things were as soon as February comes round?

Instead wouldn’t it be better to work out what cues and triggers lie behind your drinking and find more sustainable ways to deal with them?

Maybe that will involve quitting drinking completely but it’s more likely to at least start with a period of moderation while you get a clearer picture of how things are and how you want them to be.

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