The wine glass ceiling: Is alcohol limiting your career?

wine glass ceiling Feb 28, 2024
The wine glass ceiling: Is alcohol limiting your career?

The health impacts of alcohol regularly hit the headlines alongside epic celebrity falls from grace. But what is less talked about is the disappointed ambition people experience when alcohol prevents them from reaching their full potential.


These effects are harder to track and lack the drama to attract wide attention, but they are no less frustrating for individuals. 


As a high-functioning drinker in my mid-30s, I rarely considered the impact alcohol was having on my career. 


I never thought of myself as a stressed person until I learned to meditate and realised that just because I wasn't outwardly stressed, I was still wasting a huge amount of mental capacity worrying about things that might not happen – and usually didn't happen.


With greater clarity and less stress, I found it much easier to stick to my good intentions. 


After significantly reducing my drinking when I started meditating everyday in 2014, I got promoted twice in two years.


After quitting drinking completely, I built a business doing something I loved that I found meaningful.


Did you know?


  1.  60% of people drink to cope with stress, but science shows drinking actually increases stress.
  2.  Hangovers cost the UK economy £1.4bn a year (according to the Institute of Alcohol Studies). Higher earners are twice as likely to have gone to work hungover or under the influence than those on lower incomes and report being 39% less effective when they have done so.


A new movement of people are realising that you don't have to wait for a rock bottom that will likely never come to change your relationship with alcohol. 


You can choose to make a lifestyle change to minimise alcohol today without shame or admitting you have a problem. 


When you frame it as a lifestyle change, you’re not committing to anything longterm and not writing any cheques your future self may not want to honour. 


By viewing it as a lifestyle change or a strategic pause, you can experience the benefits of minimising alcohol and see what you are really capable of without alcohol holding you back. 


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Start improving your life now. Meditate more, drink less.