Why is meditation a better stress reliever than alcohol?

meditation meditation and drinking Dec 30, 2023

Why is meditation a better stress reliever than alcohol?

Here are my three top reasons.

1. It won’t take any money out of your bank account

2. It won’t leave you with a hangover

3. It won’t increase the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your system when its effect wears off

What it will do is help you disconnect from your day naturally and put you in a position where you don’t “need” to drink like you did before.

When is best to do it? Many people meditate in the morning as it’s the easiest time to fit in it, but if you meditate in the early evening when you would normally need a drink, you will see that it can really help reduce your need to drink.

The above clip is from my New Year Challenge live group last year.

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Start improving your life now. Meditate more, drink less.